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CCPC Testing App

Follow the directions below to run a sample game!

About this App

This Testing app will allow you to submit a tic-tac-toe "computer player" in the form of either java or python source code and run it against our test computer player. Eventually, your computer player can be submitted to a competition to play against other people's computer players in a tournament to see whose is the best! Remember, in the event of a tie, the computer player who calculates their moves faster will be declared the winner


Above at the top of the page are links to our guides to help you get started making your very own tic tac toe computer player! Once you have created your own code you can then upload the .java or .py file and test your code to see if it is working and more importantly, if it can win! Please first click the "Choose file" button, then once your file is selected, press the "upload and run" button. Your code will be executed and if everything worked you will see who won the game and the turn by turn output of each move selected the computer players. If your code did not execute correctly then an error page will be displayed with information as to what caused the error. You can then use that information to debug your code. Once you think you corrected the error, try again!

Once you've submitted your code and it runs, please take the time to click the link to the survey at the bottom. If your code did not run successfully, check the error messages page first before submitting a survey

You can visit our Help Page to contact our team with any questions!

Why participate in this competition?

To prepare for the future that is already here, we’re going to need more programmers! Robot ice cream makers? Burger chefs? Video game developers? Business owners? We all know that cars are becoming automated and if you can name a job with a repetitive task, it's likely there’s an algorithm doing that job today too.

A 2014-2016 Gallup poll sponsored by Google found that 9 out of 10 parents want schools to teach Computer Science - so our children will grow up not just using technology but learning how to create it. In fact, the majority of parents and teachers believe that Computer Science should be required for students to learn! The same Gallup poll revealed that 84% of parents consider Computer Science to be a subject that is just as important (or even more important!) for students to learn as reading, writing, and math.

Codecraft partners with schools, universities and nonprofits to empower fun Computer Science education programs that improve the technical skills landscape and successfully narrow the STEM talent gap. Together we will improve students' confidence on the computer and their feeling of belonging in computing, therefore increasing the likelihood that they will further pursue Computer Science or engineering classes and successful careers.

Current Competitions & Code Submission Deadlines:

- Registration Deadline: December 11, 2020
- Code Submission Deadline: January 17, 2021
- Competition date: February 13, 2021

For more information about UCF SECME please visit their site:

Brevard Public Schools Innovation Games:
- Dates and info TBA!

For more information about Brevard Public Schools innovation games please visit their site:

Interested in partnering with us to create your own competition? Please contact us at

Interested in partnering with us to create your own competition? Please contact us at

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